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Kenya Trip – October, 2016

Wow! What can I say but that my October trip to Kenya was by far the most powerful trips I’ve had so far. Thank you all for your prayers and financial backing on my trip. All that happened is also your victory for sure.

Upon arriving Bishop Samuel Mwaniki informed me that he felt like I needed a female companion as we attended the meetings he had scheduled. I was amazed because that was exactly what I felt I needed but no one in the US was being highlighted to me. God went before me knowing I needed Priscillah, whom I had met on my first trip to Kenya, for this journey! She was truly an answer to my prayers.

Since my first trip to Kenya God consistently has shown me that my mission there was to begin to tear down the wall of religion. I feel the prophetic word I gave to Paul Brown a few years ago concerning Kenya is also mine: “When the missionaries brought the gospel to Kenya they also brought the religious spirit and I’m going to use missionaries to begin tearing that religious spirit down”.

That religious wall has now begun to come down! The response of the pastors has been phenomenal and a network among them has begun to develop that we will be working with further. Their eyes have begun to open to see how performance and self-focus has been present in their ministry work.

Benchmark Ministries officially has begun partnering with Bishop Mwaniki to develop ministry training centers in Kenya. Also, partnering in the school will be Royal Family International, who Paul Brown is connected to.

With a base for Benchmark Ministries in Kenya we also will be able to host mission trips, short term and long term, for groups and individuals that have a desire to minister in Kenya.


Thank you for everyone’s prayers and financial support. You made it possible for this foundation of ministry to begin in Kenya. There is much to be done so please continue to pray for us as we go forward in making this vision happen. We need God’s wisdom to build according to His purpose.

Also, I’m asking for you to seek God as to what He would have you donate into this great vision set before us. You are poised through your giving and prayers to help change the face of the church in Kenya.

I am so excited for all the possibilities ahead of us! Praise God!

All donations are tax deductible through Benchmark Ministries. You can donate online by clicking the donate button below:

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OR you can make your checks out to Benchmark Ministries and mail to:

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Thank you for all you do! God bless you greatly!
Sheila Parnell
Co-Senior Leader,
Benchmark Ministries

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