I was first introduced to mission in Kenya by Paul Brown who is now my co-worker in missions along with his wife, Stellah. I found that the people are hospitable and ready for more of God. The Kenyan people stole my heart and God has sent me on a mission…to the church.


Kenya actually has a long christian heritage embedded into it. Churches and Missions fill the cities and villages. Many small businesses even display biblical names uponKenya January 2015 them. But yet the witchcraft is very prevalent. It is a pause for thought. They have heard the message of Jesus but with it came the performance to obtain. Sadly, too many become pastors only as a means of income instead of the love of Christ Jesus. The religious spirit goes hand in hand with witchcraft so the many churches do not have the power to overcome it, so it lives in co-existence.

God gave me aIMAG1085 prophetic word over Paul, on one of his earlier trips, that “even as the first missionaries came to Kenya with the message of Jesus so also they brought the religious spirit of performance. So now God will use missionaries to come and tear down the religious spirit and bring freedom from performance to His people”. This has begun. The churches of Kenya are being set free.

My heart has become full with the mighty men and women of God whom I have met on my trips. As I have preached and prophesied in their pulpits I have seen a hope arise for a new face for the church of Kenya; one filled with power instead of works.

Our mission is one of revealing individual identities to the people of Kenya. We are doing this through “Kenya School of Identity”, street ministries and teaching in the churches and streets.


10998893_765859476841338_4219073347191640896_oPrayerfully consider joining us on one of our adventures in Kenya. You will never be the same!

If you are interested in a missions trip with us fill our the contact form on my contact page and I will get back to you as soon as possible.



If you are wanting to be a part of the “Kenya School of Identity” click on the link below for details.

Kenya Mission with Paul Brown




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