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 Down the Up Staircase: The Way Up is Down

NewDown the Up Staircase Front Cover JPG Book by Sheila Parnell


Many people are actively clamoring to get to the top of the ladder of success. But Jesus showed a much different model. Down the Up Staircase takes the reader on a journey “lower” leaving it to Father God to do the promoting.

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Sheila’s transparency makes this book a genuine read. The book flows well, and gives solid Biblical and relatable descriptive examples. Having grown up hearing the stories in the Bible I found her account of those stories refreshing and it gave me a new thought of what could have taken place – Fred

Your somewhat colorful descriptions lead me to picture the scenes in the movie screen of my mind, your naturally sequenced plot leads the reader to want more like a horse whose oats have been salted, naturally wanting more water – Bonnie

The book is an excellent writing experience with the Father as Sheila is shown by the Lord how to recreate video-like events that give the reader an experience of being pulled into a Biblical time capsule. The Holy Spirit moves your heart as the stories unfold giving you insight into the Fathers heart. You will not want to put it down as the Lord leads you into a deeper relationship with Him. You will be blessed by what you read – Kitty

In this book Sheila brings a common sense approach to a problem that faces many of us. How do we come into that high place with our Father? Not by exalting ourselves, but by allowing Him to bring us. A thoughtful book of her godly insights – Steve

The Purpose of Sons

Teaching by Sheila Parnell


Believers haven't understood their purpose during their time on earth. We keep longing for something out there, seemingly in the future. Our purpose isn't to die so we can go to heaven. Heaven is already ours as believers in Christ Jesus. Jesus commissioned us to go into all the world and reconcile it back to the Father. We are to bring heaven, where we are already seated, to earth bringing the good news that the Father loves them and wants relationship. Let us find our true purpose here on earth.


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