Freedom to Love Life


After having watched the true glee of puppies romping tirelessly and seeing a laughing child rolling in a mud puddle, I realized how naturally the young gravitate towards joy and happiness. I was saddened by how much is lost when we become adult’s. We’ve forfeited freedom to love life as a child.

Our idea of becoming an adult is really to be trained to engage and focus on the dysfunction of a fallen world. We learn how to become what we deem to be responsible mature people who basically has lost the freedom to romp and play. Could it be that true maturity is having childlike traits?

Life is a true gift from God. Every human being was created to absolutely love life. Religion and sin has incarcerated the church keeping us from our playful childlike nature. But, Jesus gave us His joy so we can operate in our childlike freedom.

Unknowingly, I think the church is more focused on death than life. Because, unconsciously we think death is the doorway to heaven; we’re given rules and regulations bringing death to our childlike freedom; false reverence is implemented to annihilate laughter and Holy Spirit “swooning” labeling it as demonic. So, are you focused on life or death?

Where’s the liberated joy within the church? The world wants nothing to do with our projection of a sad and angry God. We are misrepresenting the One who rejoices with mirthful glee over His children. (Zeph 3:17). God delights in the life He has breathed into His creation.

Grace leads us from death and deposits us into abundant life. The assassination attempt on grace separates us from the freedom of our sonship which locks us into the death of methodology and performance. But grace is shredding what has tried to separate us from the potential river of joyful life flowing from our bellies.

We were created to play as little children, free from the cares of the world. When we know security in our Father we then are free to roll in the mud puddle, run in the rain and explosively laugh as we tumble in the grass. It is here we find true love for life intended for us here on earth. This is what will draw the world to God satisfying their yearning for His freedom of life.

Religion hates laughter and will attempt to burst its bubbles of joy at every turn. But, as the church embraces its freedom in Christ Jesus and begins laughing in religion’s face it will then reduce it into a powerless heap.

Let’s begin to set our attention on loving the life of our freedom in Christ Jesus. Tip that bucket of joy within you and begin to live free.


  1. Marilyn Miller

    Oh so good! He has been renewing my mind concerning Joy recently. Showing me that it is within me all I have to do is release it. It is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, I already have it don’t have to beg for it just release it like my prayer language! His Joy is my strength for any situation! Great blog!

    1. Sheila ParnellSheila Parnell (Post author)

      Thank you Marilyn. Staying in joy in every circumstance is super important.

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