We Are Off-Road Vehicles


Off road?! Are you kidding me? I’d really prefer a smooth, paved road where there is no dust, rocks or potholes. That’s the mindset of many churches while on earth…just give me a smooth mapped road and I’m happy. Surprisingly, God didn’t design us for paved roads but instead for off-road trekking.

Unknowingly, some in the church teaches that if there are struggles in one’s life they probably have things out of order or they don’t have enough faith to bring themselves out of the struggle. It seems we weigh a Christian’s life by how smooth their pathway appears. Actually, this is why some Christian’s try to hide their failures because others might think they aren’t strong in their faith. They feel that faith is for sure at work producing smooth roads for them, right?

By Jesus’ life  He showed us that we are off-road vehicles when He said that we would do what He did. His description was a sword not peace to break the power of sin. If He had traveled the smooth path the Jews had wanted Him to walk then He would never have accomplished His mission to break the power of religion and self-will.

There are times as we pray for breakthrough we have the false assumption that we have victory upon receiving our petitioned request. In other words we believe God must be with us when displaying a smooth running life with answered prayers. NOT! Instead, could it really be highlighting a fear that has paralyzed the church into passivity.

Staying on our well maintained roads keeps us looking good in the opinion of men with no fear of unexpected cliffs, ravines and boulders. We fear what it takes to navigate any rough and unknown terrain. So we stay on our comfortable pathway pretending our smooth path is Godly.

Actually, we were created for the unknown; to be fearless risk-takers. Our God DNA is packed with off-road adventures where no man or religion can control, leaving us free to follow Holy Spirit wherever He leads.

When trouble presses us from every side we need to remember we were created for these battles! Struggle is something to be expected because it is off-road action. Jesus has given us strength and strategy to travel the chaos of off-road living.

Don’ wish the struggle away but instead be willing to embrace it through learning how to navigate the off-road conditions. Struggle will always be with us and we do have what it takes to endure by learning the victory of off-road travel.

Let’s rev up our engines and break through the barriers confining us to our smooth roads! There are victorious adventures awaiting us on  our off-road paths.

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