The Attack on Grace

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We’ve heard teachings warning against the dangers of “hyper-grace”. They supposedly alert people to not have too much grace or one will run wild in sin. Honestly, could the real purpose of this message be to wage an all out assault on grace? Religion doesn’t want God’s people free. It wants to suck the identity from Christ’s bride rendering them powerless. We need to reestablish what grace is.

First off, anyone who teaches against too much grace is actually promoting fear in people that they can’t maintain their Christian walk. It tells them they need rules to prop themselves up much like the training wheels on a child’s bike.

This message keeps people focused on failure, sin and blinds them to the complete freedom Jesus won through His death on the cross. Lets take a closer look at some scripture that proves one can never have too much grace.

How could anyone even use the word hyper to downplay grace? Because actually hyper completely explains the effect that over and beyond grace has on sin. In Romans 5:20 it says that where sin increased, grace came in excess. Some translations say, super-abound. The word that they get super from is the same word we get the word hyper from (hyper-: Greek huper-, over, beyond). It is saying that when sin increases grace increases in greater excess than sin or it goes into hyper-overdrive, it goes above and beyond all sin. In other words it obliterates it!

Funny how the very word teachers use to warn us is the very word Paul uses to show how grace blasts sin right out of the water. Talk about diverting its true message! Because of this wrong teaching many in the church are now afraid of hyper-grace leaving them separated from the very power God has provided to annihilate sins sway over them.

In fact, it is grace that trains us to NOT sin. (Titus 2:11,12). If someone thinks grace gives them freedom to sin then they aren’t functioning in grace at all but in the flesh. We are warned hyper-grace will launch us into sin when it is actually the opposite – grace trains us to not sin.

We need hyper-grace! Grace is the power that trains us to overcome sin. The accuser doesn’t want grace to function in our lives so we will remain children under the trainer of the law (works) or guardians of our estate. (Galatians 3:23-4:1-7). If it can keep us children then we will never come into maturity and receive our inheritance as sons of God who have been given full authority over the earth.

Lets lay hold of God’s excessive grace and become hyper-sons full of grace released upon the earth. No more holding back!

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  1. Wendy Wham

    Excellent!! One definition of grace I read a long time ago was in verb form like a mother bear protecting her cub. Grace is very aggressive !!!! Kind of like the roaring lion of Judah that says “this is mine and nothing will touch what belongs to me!!! We, as a church minimize what grace truly is. Grace is that hand that reached down and snatched me out of the devils clutch, and set me solid on the rock!

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