Living in God’s Completion


Most often people’s first reaction, in relating to God, is to function from what we think God thinks toward us. We spin our wheels jumping through the gauntlet hoping to win approval in God’s sight. Could all this striving be in vain because God isn’t even interested in our behavior? He instead is only interested in our heart and sees us as perfected.

Religion or the ordinances of man focuses heavily upon our behavior. It functions as self-appointed judges doling out their citations relentlessly stripping people bare. No wonder the church isn’t freer than it should be. We’ve been trained to hold back lest we be judged and do the wrong things.

Because of this learned behavioral mindset towards ourselves and others we automatically think this is God’s view of us also. But it isn’t. God is not limited to man’s opinion or actions.

Truly God sees us in our finished state, the place He is aligning us into. God does not deal with our old man, He doesn’t even give it the time of day or His attention. Why? It’s because He has already killed off the old man! To Him the old you doesn’t exist.

God only sees us as our new man, a new creation after the likeness of second Adam, Jesus Christ. He has given us His grace in its fullness.

I need to point out what grace IS NOT. We’ve been taught that it is Gods unmerited favor that saved us from our sins. This is only a partial truth which doesn’t give its full picture. Some use graces freedom to engage in unrestrained flesh. Also, this downplays our new identity in God leaving us to relate to the old man, in ourselves and others, looking for behavioral modification to deserve His favor.

Grace goes far beyond that definition. It is the power that trains us to live as the free sons we are. It actually trains us to not sin. True grace teaches us to walk in our new man, free from the ordinances, or expected behaviors of man.

God has called us to live as He sees us where we are completely renewed in Him, sanctified, holy and seated with Christ Jesus in the heavenlies. He sees us as victorious warriors, a force to bring heaven to earth, ones who hold the authority of our Father God.

This is who we are and we must begin to live from this truth. Not only are we to lay hold of this truth for ourselves but we are to apply this truth to others, seeing them as God sees them, finished perfection.

Let’s discontinue seeing ourselves and others according to behavior but focusing only on the finished new man.

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