The Oneness of Diversity



How can diversity bring people into oneness? Seems like “oneness” and “diversity” are on opposite ends of one another! Not according to God. To Him, opposite ends bring completion where He joins the two. I believe the body of Christ is ready to embrace diversity that develops oneness!

Sure we claim to accept people of different belief and personality. But, our actions too often speak something completely different where others are fearfully disregarded or undervalued for their unrecognized purpose and role in the Body of Christ.

Interesting how God doesn’t seem to have a problem with people who are believing opposite from Him. He’s not fretting about it because He is ever drawing them to Himself, patiently speaking into their lives. Saul never would have become the Apostle Paul if God respond as we do! So why do we get concerned with others different belief if God isn’t? We need to remember God is actively at work in everyone.

God had been opening my eyes to the treasure residing within each person He has created…even though it is a challenge at times. He’s been revealing to me their unique destiny intertwined with mine. I’m gaining a new understanding into God’s heart for every soul where their diversity makes all one.

Diversity is to be embraced not merely tolerated. Diversity brings completion not separation. Diversity reveals God’s diverse heart.

Without diversity I will remain isolated in my own narrow mindedness never stepping into something new. Without diversity I become stagnant with no fresh thought to fuel my cogitation. Without diversity I am cut off from the “unity of the brethren”.

I’m beginning to see people in a whole different light, a light of hope and discovery. God has released me into a great treasure hunt to excavate the gold within His diverse people that will bring oneness for all!

Why don’t you join me so we can truly embrace the diversity of God within His creation, His people who are made one in Christ Jesus!

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