2017 Kenya Trip

Laying the framework for Benchmark Ministries training center has begun! Land has been donated and ready to dedicate.

This trip will be about beginning intensive training for the church we are partnering with and mapping out a plan to launch this vision to change the face of the Kenyan church to powerfully shake their nation.

My planned dates for travel are October 26 - November 13, 2017. As usual any activities I am involved in are provided by you who donate into my trip. I assure you every penny is well spent.

Also, on this trip I would like to raise finances for some needed office equipment for Bishop Mwaniki. This would allow him to better facilitate the ministries beginning stages. I am looking for a figure around $3000 for equipment, travel cost and food.

For your generous donation I am offering a free gift to you as a thank you. I have written an e-book titled, Seed's Creative Power. It is a powerful revelation God gave me many years ago and I finally put it into writing. It is the seed principle Jesus used to multiply the loaves and fish and ultimately allow Him to become the seed to reproduce many sons for Father God.



Seeds Creative Power
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