Do Christian’s Give the Demonic Realm Too Much Attention?


A lot of Christian’s have spent years learning about demons and how they could thwart God’s people. Years have been spent casting them out from whatever is going wrong. But, in reality, have we actually only given them the attention they crave? Have we been commissioned to look for demons or to establish God’s kingdom? Our attention should be on the what God has called us to, not to what the enemy is doing.

Through the years I’ve done my share of binding and casting out demons because it was astounding to realized I had been given that authority. But, sadly we learned it was a big battle and that we’d better be careful lest we are overcome by their power. It instilled a fear of demons which has led the Church to search for them around most every corner.

But, then I read a story by a preacher who told of how demons began to show up in his church service and how he would stop the meeting and command them to leave. They left, but Sunday after Sunday they continued to make a display and each time it took longer and longer to get them to go. When talking to God about it he was told to ignore them because they only wanted attention. So, the next Sunday when they showed up he said nothing about them and began to worship God. Surprisingly, they left and never came back.

Kris Vallotton has a similar story of a demon showing up in the middle of the night at the foot of his bed. After countless exhaustive nights God told him to ignore the demon. The following night the demon showed up again. Kris looked at him and said, “Oh, it’s only you” and went to sleep. The demon never bothered him again.

I also learned this firsthand:

On one of my mission trips we were at a church where they have a wild deliverance service every Sunday.  Having transitioned into the next part of the meeting we called up those who needed healing. As we began praying for healing the demons began to manifest again in the same bizarre manner and we found ourselves in another mass deliverance. During this my friend and I were praying for a man in a wheelchair. As he was praying I gazed at the chaos and pondered on what had just happened. It was clear the demons had hijacked the healing service.

The following year we were again at the same place and after the deliverance time we began praying for the sick and the demons began to manifest as they had the year before. But this time my friend had the microphone and he began to release the love and peace of God over the room and all demonic activity ceased. We then had a God powered healing service. No hijacking of that meeting!

These stories clearly demonstrate that a demon will use a deliverance of himself to draw attention from Jesus.

If we put our whole focus on what God is doing and in establishing His kingdom of love, healing and peace then if a demon happens across our path we can by all means cast it out (actually, with more power), but we should never make it our mission in life.

Let’s focus on where the true power is – in God – not in powerless demons.

Focus on the real deal….Jesus, who has completely “de-feeted” Satan and now he doesn’t have a leg to stand on!

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  1. terrygmurphy

    So good, Sheila. Thanks for this. I’m for focusing on the Lord!

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