The Imperialistic Rule of the Thoughts Within


Every person born, at one time or another, has given into whatever the ruling thoughts are in their mind. Interesting how we, at times, don’t even think about what we think! But, those ignored thoughts actually rules our lives with an iron fist, piloting us in the very direction those thoughts point. Maybe we should give more attention to  our thoughts since they are imperialistic in nature.

God gave man the ability to think, to reason. We normally associate thinking with our brain but research has shown that the heart has its own intrinsic nervous system that operates and processes information independently of the brain or nervous system. That is why they can transplant someone’s heart into another . Some scientist even refer to it as the heart brain.

The scripture often speaks of the heart in the sense of feelings, will and intellect. So our thoughts go further than our mere brain and is attached to every aspect of our human being.  Therefore what we think is very important. Then, why don’t we pay more attention to those thoughts we have?

It was Adam and Eve’s thoughts that the serpent used to bring the whole of creation into the ultimate falling away which empowered Satan. Thoughts are very powerful yet we give them no thought.

There was a three step process to the success of Satan’s plan against Adam and Eve’s thoughts:

  1. The thought was introduced
  2. The thought was entertained
  3. Then the thought was acted upon

This is the same strategy that is used on us all the time. Satan’s tactics didn’t change at all. But, yet we still fall for the same thing Adam and Eve did.

Each step leads to the imperialistic rule that binds us to a belief – whether good or bad. As we practice the empowered belief then we become that thought.

Scripture tells us that our minds must be renewed in Christ Jesus  and that we are to cast down every imagination by taking every thought captive. (Rom 12:2; 2 Cor 10:4,5). This is the keys to overcoming this age old trick.

Do you want to stop the mind-control the enemy has over you, God’s people? Then stop entertaining those thoughts that aren’t sent by Holy Spirits – you know the ones that are rooted in the flesh of hurt, bitterness, anger, misunderstanding, jealousy or whatever rules you.

When we only entertain the thoughts given us by Holy Spirit then that is what we will act upon. Our actions will be filled with life because our thoughts will be His thoughts. (Is 55:8,9).

Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. (Luke 6:45). Let your thoughts be God’s thoughts. You will then have power over the enemy by shutting down the inroads of thoughts into your life.

Happy thoughts!

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  1. iamconisueConi

    Just had an experience this morning that confirms all of this. I pray for my thoughts to be in tune with Holy Spirit and when they’re not, that I change them immediately as He leads and shows me. Then what comes out of my mouth and my actions are in line with those tuned Up thoughts! But also, my prayer is to be more aware of and in submission to the power in my stillness and silence when God can do His best works. Actual transformation and obedience to Him will then have the Upper hand,& I don’t have to speak or do anything but trust Him. That is where the peace is and my rest prevails.

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